Sons of Malcolm: A letter of revolutionary love to our pro-arab spring brothers and sisters on the question of Algeria

I sent this message this morning to a great upstanding and knowledgeable brother, we have been on different sides of the barricades in Libya and Syria, but I am pleading with people to close ranks with Algerian FLN and army against imperalism. – Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Peace Brother,

Brother, I write to you with revolutionary love.

I am pleading and begging you to see what the enemy has done to Libya and now Syria (and also Tunisia and Egypt), and I beg you to please not make the same mistakes on FLN Algeria.

I put it to you that in the interests of isolating the white imperialists we MUST close ranks totally with the FLN Algerian state and army and defend their right to defeat imperialist plans against them.

Let us put our egos and political sectarianism aside, and fight wholly against the imperialists, and close ranks totally with the FLN Algerians and army who are fighting not only for their independence, but your country’s as well, the whole North Africa, whole of Africa and the entire GlobalSouth.

I wish you a blessed day and respect and love to you and your family and loved ones.



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