Adrienne Rich on Class Reductionist Marxism

In the late sixties and early seventies many U.S. feminists, myself included, voiced frustration and disillusionment with the Marxist Left, which seemed incapable of recognizing and addressing women’s oppression as women. We insisted that our chains were not only economic but mental, embedded in that domestic or “private” sphere where men of all classes dominate women. I believe we were right: no ideology which reduces women simply to members of the working class or bourgeoisie, which does not recognize how central feminism must be to the revolutionary process, can be taken seriously any longer.

– Adrienne Rich in Blood Bread, and Poetry


2 thoughts on “Adrienne Rich on Class Reductionist Marxism

  1. I think its sad that basically nothing has changed in the 40+ years that she wrote this; feminism is still compartmentalized and treated wholly separately from leftist issues (except by feminists themselves).

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